The Real Murderers of Zainab Case


On January 4, 2018, a seven-year-old girl, Zainab was kidnapped near her aunt`s house in Kasur. After five days she was found dead in a garbage heap. Her body was badly injured. The little girl was raped and then killed by the brutal murderer. This case has sparked protests in various cities of Pakistan.

When the CCTV footage was checked, the Intelligence team found a person wandering near Zainab`s house, he was in Shalwar Kameez wearing a camel brown coat and a cap. It seems like that man was searching someone out there in the market. When he found the required child over there he kidnapped her and took her to a desolate place. There he raped her and after it he strangled her. The brutal culprit even cut the wrists of the innocent child.

The chief justice of Pakistan had taken the Suo Motu notice at this incidence and Punjab Police had arrested the culprit Imran Ali by detecting his identifications through DNA samples.

The police took that man in14 day body remand. Police forbid Zainab`s father to talk to the media or face the media and answer their random question about the case, for the security of their family and the secrecy of this issue.

When police investigate the whole scenario they find that all these girls of 6 to 8 years named Asima Bibi, Tehmina, Ayesha Asif, Iman Fatima, Noor Fatima, Laiba, Kainat Batool, were the rape victims and their DNA were matched with the culprit Imran Ali. A question arises that what the police do after knowing that behind the previous 7 to 8 rape cases, is the same person.

After the whole investigation process, the court condemns the culprit. Imran Ali was sentenced to death by hanging till death. Hang for kidnapping, hang for rape and hang for the murder.

Dr. Shahid Masood reveals some facts about the culprit (Imran Ali) that he is not a poor man but have 40 accounts in different banks in Pakistan and he may have more 25 bank accounts. It was an astonishing thing that a man who is a laborer by profession has such amount of bank accounts. He also claimed that behind this scenario there is a man from the big political party. But he did not disclose the name of that person due to some security reasons.

This declaration was a hard knock on the heads of the politicians and the government.

But still, this case is not solved until the last criminal. And the true justice will take place when the real ones will condemn.

Humanity dies when a child cries due to the violence or physical abuse.

This Zainab case was not only jaw-dropping incident occur in the country. Many child abuse cases come out in different cities of Pakistan. Reports about Pakistan has revealed that nearly 15 to 20 cases of rape followed by the murder of the children. Their dead bodies have been found from the garbage plots or from the under-constructing places or building. And reports from the NGOs have further unveiled the truth that 11 children below the age of 18 and 19, face sexual abuse on daily basis.

For how long this menace will prevail in the society? For how long our children will bear this abuse? For how long our nation will remain silent along with this trauma? For how long this kind of maniacs will discard our generations?

Preventing child abuse should be a collective effort from state and institutions to the individuals of the society. A good policymaking will ensure that the individuals of the nation are safe and secure.

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