Are Cellphones really Dangerous?

Are Cellphones really Dangerous?

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                                                     Are Cellphones really Dangerous?
Living in a global village, where everything seems on just a click away. Where life has become easier and shorter, more accessible though. It wasn’t easier before decades, where we traveled for hours across the countries to meet our loved ones. Now, we just have to give a call and the distance is diminished. So we will also see the other side of the picture Are Cellphones really Dangerous? 

A cell phone passes ultra-radiation waves known as RF Radiofrequency waves. Approximately 5 billion people today are using cell phones, so this may increase our concern about health and safety. Moreover, the ultra rays of smart cell phones have inflicted the youth badly. The rays transmitting radiations are highly responsible for the weakening of eyesight.

The cellphones are significant in this world for the technical usage but apparently, they are damaging our mental and physical health.

The cellphones are really very dangerous as they are causing youngsters negatively. The youth is continuously wasting their precious time on social media. So, the cell phones are dangerously influencing our lives.

People are more interested in social media rather than in real life. These smartphones have a great impact on our behaviors too. According to a national survey debate, only 44% of people say yes about turning off their phones while 56% deny the fact by reasons that the life they’re living would be miserable without such incredible technology plus they also justify by saying that before the advancement of mobile phones, people were a victim of diseases too.

Apart from physical health causes such as cancer, heart issues and brain tumor due to the radiations emitted by the smartphones. Youth is more attracted towards its effectiveness and rapid technology. They waste their days and nights scrolling the timeline, glancing at parties and poking nose in others lives. Resultantly, they become a victim of mental sickness due to the feeling of envious and anxiety. That is the reason also why youngsters are more suicidal, and that’s where we ask Are Cellphones really Dangerous? 

Road hazards are also the causes of mobile phones over usage. According to a research, cell phones have caused 48% of accidents which is directly related to the mental diversion of the driver. Obviously, the driver’s mind is diverted towards the caller, therefore, only one task can be done at a time.

Smartphones with all its safe pos and cons have made the world addicted to its technology. Despite the fact it measures a large stats for cancer diseases, our lives without cell phones are unbelievable yet dangerous in both cases.

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