Social Issues in Pakistan

Social Issues in Pakistan

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Social issues in Pakistan are the root cause of every crime and of course, the status of the country depends on these issues. The impact of our country on the International level is also influenced by resolving social issues.

There are many social issues in Pakistan but the cases form a mystery when connected to a specific history. Once a crime is committed, the investigation agencies try to look into the case with historical references and its connectivity to the specific society.

In our eastern society, we see different colors of race, creed, and caste respectively. Now these all different in these terms are common in term of a nation that is they all are Pakistanis. So they’ll follow Pakistani norms and ethics specifically. In Pakistan, almost every type of caste is living in different parts of the country.

They live their own lives with their own traditions. But geographically we’re connected to each other so we share some norms and ethics.

Since 1947, after independence when many Muslims and non-muslims Pakistanis migrated to Pakistan. They were inflicted with the Indian tradition, some of the there norms and cultural values were migrated too with them.

Eventually, the social issues remain untouched in the state due to mismanagement of Governance and Law implementation in the country.

The most overrated social issues in Pakistan are murder, illegal assassination, rape cases, child abusement and honor killing. Moreover, chronic illiteracy, rampant corruption, increasing population, domestic violence, child labor, problems of the youth and generation gap specifically.

Now we should understand the root causes of these social issues, the reasons why are they originating and spreading over time. In case of murder, sexual harassment, theft or any type of amusement, we should abide by the laws and regulations of the state. Any offender who commits these crime(s) should be executed or punished accordingly.

Therefore, due to the lack of law enforcement, we are left behind the powerful states. The culprits stay alive for the rest of their lives in jail which is indeed not a suitable punishment. They are the reasons for the rising of common issues in Pakistan.

“Presenting a girl for rejection is not our tradition, decorating a tea-snack for people who came to “see”  our daughter and then rejecting her is not included in our norms!”

Have you ever thought about these little issues which are not actually so little that you blindly follow them just because of the so-called social standards and mindsets?

According to the International Amnesty in 2011 reported the honor killing of 960 women. This statistics has raised to even more with the domestic violence and divorce. The level of tolerance has been zero percent for this nation when it comes to social issues.

Child labor and chronic illiteracy are other major social issues which Government should look forward. Due to illiteracy and high rate of poverty, people are convinced to leave their innocent kids in the workshops instead of schools.

The causes for sexual abusement with men and women both are a really serious issue. The most important social issue of the globe after illiteracy is sexual abusement where every human being is a victim, even though animals aren’t safe in some regions. I get goosebumps when I see such news that somebody raped a goat. I WONDER! HOW CAN BE THESE HUMANS SO WILD CREATURES?

India being the extremist and secular state is ranking at the first position in countries unsafe for women. On a daily basis, about 93 women are raped in India according to their Bureau.

Social Issues in Pakistan are a serious threat to its status. Public and Government should take proper steps and regulations accordingly to eliminate the cancerous traditions from our culture. Though its the only way to get rid of these common issues.


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