Nawaz Sharif Decision about Avenfield Reference

Nawaz Sharif Decision about Avenfield Reference

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Nawaz Sharif Decision about Avenfield Reference endless case finally disclosed and Judge Mohammad Bashir Announced the decision which was against the Sharif’s family. Thus, it has proved that all the accusation which Imran Khan’s claimed regarding Nawaz and his family was absolutely right. We salute the efforts and step to Imran Khan that he did a great job. We also appreciate all the personalities who played an important role in the successful accomplishment of this case.

Furthermore, must add well done! All the judges who took this never-ending Prime Minister Decision about Avenfield Reference to avoid the difference between poor and rich man. This is just because of the effortful working being conducted by most of the politicians, lawyers, NAB and other associated institutions.

Maryam’s Daddy 10 years Jail

Finally, Nawaz Sharif Decision about Avenfield Reference publicized and societies took a cool breath. Hassan’s daddy has to suffer 10 years consistent jail where he will have to face the lots of challenges same as an ordinary prison meets. It was the coordinate decision from all the judges of the court which proved that all the attacks regarding properties and other stuff were damn true. Thus, with no more arguments and explanations, Mian Nawaz once again will be moved to Jail to spend his upcoming 10 years of life.

Taken all the Assets in Pakistan

Hot news is that all the assets which Sharif’s family had arranged or collected for his future life will be seized as soon as possible according to a certain order. Now, the compromising or challenging moments in Nawaz Family has started. What a remarkably saying by one of the authors:

“As you sow so shall you reap”.

Maryam’s father has to return all the illegal assets that he gathered for his family. According to court in the Nawaz Sharif Decision about Avenfield Reference, he will have to get free from all kinds of assets, properties that he saved after inconsistent corruption or looting techniques.

Maryam Nawaz 7 Years Jail

Nawaz Sharif Conclusion about Avenfield Reference in which Public saw that Maryam Nawaz who was trying to show the audience that all the accused on her and her family was definitely unaccepted but time proved that she was a big liar. Further, she will have to spend continuously 7 years in the jail where she will not be able to live a luxurious life as she was habitual to. Hence, the nation is strictly displeased with all such politicians who just dreaming to loot the public and their livelihood.

Accused have 10 days to file an Appeal against Decision

A good news media revealed in the list of hot news that accused have 10 days to file an appeal against this decision. Now, the time will prove that do they get able to prove themselves as faultless. Further, chances are there that Sharif family will submit his file an appeal in the opposition of this case.

Hussain Father Accepted the Ownership of the London’s Property

Interesting news is that three times Prime Minister and his family confessed that their properties in the London were actually their own property. In the first place, they were not ready to accept that but later on when rival’s lawyers convinced to judge after showing a couple of proofs then Nawaz’s attorneys have to admit that they are the real culprits.
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