Imran Khan to take oath as PM on August 18

Imran Khan to take oath as PM on August 18

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Imran Khan to take oath as PM on August 18. People are curious to see the upcoming ‘Naya Pakistan’. They’re looking for the promises which Kaptan has made. Let’s see are these only the castles built in the air or something practical is to be done.

The newspapers are decorated with the PTI’s news each and every hour. Public and media both have a keen interest in Kaptan’s vision of Naya Pakistan. Maybe the revolution he’s trying to build is a way to his vision to bring Naya Pakistan.

Now we can say that Naya Pakistan is going to start soon as we’ve heard that Imran Khan to take oath as PM on August 18.

The Naya Pakistan is brought to you by the ex-Cricketer, Chairman PTI Imran Khan.

Glancing at the political point of view, different parties are making an affiliation while a restless condition is seen by the oppositional groups.

If we talk about the revolution, just a general though, therefore, you could easily relate the event that is going to be held on 18 August with the ‘revolutionary change’ seen in the political world.

The royal government that transformed in one or two parties, groups or people have now ‘changed’ and this might be the change which public was actually looking for. Now, people are excited to see a Naya face in ‘Naya Pakistan’.

Imran Khan is the favorite, with the fact that Imran Khan is the most followed celebrity on Twitter. It means the strong fan following has made Khan’s way, even more, stronger by the public’s support.

Since he was a cricketer who was no less a legend too in his sports career. 1992 World cup gave him much fame and after that, his motivation and patriotism grew even more for the country.

A selfless and honorable decision was seen when Khan suffered his mothers’ death and decided to build a cancer-cure hospital.

Therefore, due to his strong determination and motivation towards his visions he successfully built a hospital.

Now, coming back to Naya Pakistan, this is what every eye and heart is waiting for. As for Khan’s determination, people have tied a mountain of hopes from Kaptan.

Well, the oath-taking ceremony is indeed a step for Naya Pakistan. Let’s see,  how much does Khan make his people proud after the world cup again for five years.




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