Who Will Be the Winner of Election 2018

Who Will Be the Winner of Election 2018 in Pakistan

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Who Will Be the Winner of Election 2018 is the interesting question first comes to our mind when we talk about politics and government. So, here we shall briefly discuss that in actuality Who Will Be the Winner in 2018 Election. Preferably, going to high point all the expected parties that will take a part in this fabulous battle. Secondly, fully focus is to mention the possibilities that will prove which party has vital chances to win this battle and lead all.

Primitively, highlight the facts and figures in terms of political point of view so that the public could come to know that Who Will Win in This 2018 Election what actually will appear next to the wall. Interestingly, this is the reality that only that party win out who will have strong feelings for the nationwide. So, without further exceptions in this amazing topic, going to represent the PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf), PPP (Pakistan People Party), PML-N (Pakistan Muslim League (N) ), TLP ( Tehreek—Labbaik Pakistan ) are the top-ranked parties expected to participate in this political war.

Background of PML-N

Who Will Be the Winner of Election 2018

Introduction about Nawaz Sharif and his Career’s beginning in the Politics

Basic Profile and Education

On December 25, 1949 sun rose-up delivering the world a newborn baby in the city Lahore (Pakistan). Genuinely, he born in a rich family who was already running a business holding a couple of steel factories. Basically, Nawaz Sharif originally belongs to Kashmir interestingly Punjabi Spoken. He completed his graduation from GCU (Government College University) keeping the art field as well business degree afterward retrieved the law degree from the law college of the University of Punjab in the city Lahore.

Thus, after completing his Master Degree from Punjab University he joined the Ittefaq Group of Industries. Comparatively, Ittefaq group was famous in the steel production affiliated by China. Within the short period of time, he started fulfilling the senior administration responsibilities in Ittefaq group. For your general information would like to inform you that Khawaja Asif was the University classmate of Nawaz Sharif in Punjab University Lahore.

Nawaz Sharif First time in his life Step into the Political Career

At first, he started his political career in the government of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who was the prime minister in 1973-1977 in Pakistan. Thus, in the first quarter of 1976, Nawaz Sharif finally participated in the Pakistan Muslim League.

Development during the First Attempt as a Prime Minister (1990-1993)

Nawaz Sharif elected to be the 12th Prime Minister of Pakistan on 6th November 1990 with the same token head of the IJI (Islamic Democratic Alliance). Nawaz Sharif foremost preference reduced the corruption from the government and focus on the betterment of the country with no corruption policies. Furthermore, he fully concentrated on the nation’s infrastructure and improved the growth of digital telecommunication.

Interestingly, Nawaz Sharif privatized all the government banks and thought to start up a new business leading the privatization. Particularly, he legalized the process in which a local person can deal transaction even deposit the cash from local or private money exchangers.

The allegation in the Period (1990-1993)

Nawaz Sharif, the earliest administration from the Prime Minister Seat reach to the finish line or ended when President Ghulam Ishaq Khan dismissed on account of corruption charges. Therefore, Nawaz Sharif completed his first tenure (2 Years, 5 months, and 12 days) as the 12th Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Nawaz Sharif 2nd time Prime Minister of Pakistan (1997-1999)

On 3rd February 1997, there were elections in which Nawaz Sharif badly defeated to Bhutto’s family and won the battle. Since on 17 February 1997, Nawaz Sharif once again elected to handles out the responsibilities as the 2nd time Prime Minister of Pakistan. Moreover, he completed his tenure (2 years, 7 months, and 25 days) on 12th October 1999.

Achievements (1997-1999)

In general, when Nawaz Sharif 2nd time became the Prime Minister of Pakistan he promised himself that won’t repeat the mistakes he has done in his previous life. He discussed with his party senior members and with all the experts that what could be the foremost challenges we might have a face in upcoming life. Thus, the majority of the experts advised them to take good care of Pakistan by launching or using the Atomic Energy plan.

Specifically, United States of America may harm you internally or externally also supposed to be the reason the hit our economic or social values. That’s why the time to defend our country by inventing the Atomic Energy Strategic Plans so that on a permanent basis we could survive Pakistan economic ratio. After analyzing all the listed risks, Nawaz Sharif build up an innovative proposal however, he did the first experiment on 28th August 1998 as well as on 30th August 1998 did another experiment and got successful.

Allegations (1997-1999)

Well, during his tenure Nawaz Sharif claimed that he didn’t inform regarding the expected dangers by enemies towards the economy level of Pakistan. Primitively, during the period (1997-1999) at that time, General Pervaiz Musharraf was the chief of Army Staff landed towards the foreign visit. In his back, Nawaz Sharif tried to stop the Musharraf plane even disgracing the values and norms of General Pervaiz Musharraf with the Chairman of the Joined-Chief as well other senior Army Staff Members and tried to create a confliction in the middle of the government so that he could dismiss to General Pervaiz Musharraf from his designation and retrieved his reputed seat in replacement.

When Musharraf came to know regarding this fact, he landed his plane in Nawabshah and ordered to Highly Profile General to take good care of the Country and arrest to Nawaz Sharif because he is trying to create miscommunication even quarreling circumstances among the beings. Thus, with his order, Nawaz Sharif shifted to Jail and remained there for a couple of years. It was the time when Country has to face Martial Law challenges.

The listed Allegations during the period (1997-1999) follow:



Planning to kill General Pervaiz Musharraf



These are the most familiar allegations that targeted on the Nawaz Sharif because of his controversial thinking.

3rd Time Prime Minister of Pakistan (2013-2017)

Considerably, during the election of 11th May 2013 3rd time, he selected that Prime Minister of Pakistan. Therefore, on 5th June 2013, he took an oath that will be honest with the country’s policies for the better nation and economic values. Mainly, he completed his tenure (4 years, 1 month, and 23 days) on 28th July 2017.

Achievements (2013-2017)

Roads Construction in the Entire Country

Primarily, individuals know that roads constructions and betterment towards the destination going through the roots fully credit goes to Nawaz Sharif. Impressively, he completed all the unconstructed roads within the short interval and now the public can easily reach their destinations with a limited time.

Metro Train

Chiefly, for the relaxation of the Lahore and few of the other cities Nawaz Sharif Government has introduced the Orange Line Train Project which is almost near the finish line and will entertain to citizens as soon the process completes. Notwithstanding, now the people will move throughout the city Lahore by simply buying a ticket even a card swipe through the machine and here you go to your destination within the fastest moving train.

Railway Improvements

Undoubtedly, there are the premium and vital improvements can see in the Railway of Pakistan. There are a proper rule and regulation and complete facilitation for the ease of passengers within the AC cabins in the train and decent administration including management departments. Notably, you can book your online tickets now and can come to know that when the train is going or coming from any other city of Pakistan, this is the huge advancement in the Railway.

Pak-China Economic Corridor

 Significantly, Pak-China Economic Corridor (CPEC) is the most noticeable project which is still under process started in the government of Nawaz Sharif (2013-2017) period. Pakistan government want to interact with the entire world by simply using this project actually it’s the series of projects. In this project, we can directly deal regarding any kinds of dealership, products, transaction, transformation, and communication with China and other countries by using CPEC facility.

This is the gigantic project lead all other projects and experts believe that it will increase the economic level or ratio of Pakistan. After completing the CPEC, we would be able to interact with Asian and European Countries without any kind of exceptional worries. This is the great project or achievement by Nawaz Government, so strongly appreciated.

Operation Zarb-e-Azb

Pakistan Army is the well-determined brave Army in the global village. Under the supervision of Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif, this mission started and completed within the limited years. Hence, on 15th June 2014 to 3rd April 2016, this tenure got completed.

What’s Zarb-e-Azb?

The mission to kill all the terrorists who are really the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and expire all those people who are directly and indirectly are the prominent rivals of Pakistan living in the different associated countries attached to Pakistan.

Explanation regarding Operation Zarb-e-Azb

As above-mentioned that under the protection and security basis of General Raheel Sharif this mission started on 15th June 2014 and completed on 3rd April 2016 which was the immense achievement by Army. Actually, terrorism was getting rise-up in the country and lots of people were dying and losing their expensive lives so to overcome this serious and sensitive issue Chief of Army Staff decided to take a serious action against such criminals and People.

Nevertheless, with strong determination and persistent backup fires towards the enemies our great general Raheel Sharif got the victory and defeated all the terrorists. That’s why we ought to say thanks to Raheel Sharif primarily then secondly thanks to Nawaz Sharif because he really supports to Army Staff in issuing orders and suggested him as much he could.

Foreign Policies Improvements

The country’s foreign policies improvements are the backbones of any Country. That’s why Sharif Family took an instant stand and enhances the communication levels and intervals with other developed countries. Lastly, people are availing the profit of this improvement and getting advantageous plans.

Prime Minister Laptop Scheme

Fresh graduate with 60% marks have completed their degrees from HEC Recognized University awarded free laptops so that students can fulfill their studies requirements. Since 2013 to 2018 this scheme is still continuing and expected that will be like that no limit. That’s why we appreciate the fabulous achievement by Nawaz Sharif.

PSL (Pakistan Super League)

PSL is the big achievement starting in the government of Nawaz Sharif during his tenure. Now, Pakistan Cricket Team surely invite to all other International Teams to make a group and start a championship round and the winner will award a championship trophy. This is the magnificent achievement we must add because cricket fans always wanted to see Pakistan’s Cricket Administration and management reputation at the superior level. This was the clear proof that betterment is certainly there for the relaxation of all other cricket lovers.

Allegations during the tenure (2013-2017)


The public wants comfort in their market or shopping zone but this government put them in a huge challenge or complex. All the eatable things rates touching the sky and not accessible for an ordinary person to get them according to the basic requirement. It’s the hard nut to crack beat the bushes of this inflation, that’s why folks request to government kindly reduce the inflation increment process so that each person could easily overcome the life’s complexities.

Dollar Rates Increment

According to a certain estimation, dollar rate was only $1=Rs.102 when the Nawaz Government Started. But within the period of 4 to 5 years, this dollar rate started touching the 7th sky and put Pakistani economy level down to the earth. This is really a noticeable point or time to take a serious stand otherwise we won’t be able to get back our lost reputation or expected things in our life.  Thus, the current dollar rate is near $1= 120.93 which means that huge effects on Pakistan economy.

Corruption during the 2013 Election

As Imran Khan proved that there was the corruption in the election of 2013 that’s why Nawaz Sharif has to face lots of challenges during the fulfillment his tenure. Many times he got temporarily dismissed from his oath because of the corruption allegation but because of his profile backup removes all the allegation with his empowerment.

Panama Leaks Attack on Nawaz Sharif and hundreds of others

Panama leaks case got much famous in Pakistan even in the entire World, it was the fraud with the Pakistani nation in which millions of the dollars were captured from Pakistan and transformed or deposited in other Countries of the world. This Panama case when revealed so public knew that how simply and innocently rulers are playing with our feelings, emotions and economic graph. If Millions of the rupees will be forwarded from Pakistan to other foreign countries then how our country will get progress?

This was the basic reason that dollar rates consistency increased since the last a couple of years and whole nation effected in this regard. Now, we believe that you have understood that why Imran Khan took his stand for the welfare of the country and didn’t lose his encouragement and spirit to get the ship to the real destination.

Immense Loan and Burden on the Pakistani Nation

No doubt, there are the positive signs when Government begs a loan from other countries but in the same way, there are the cons (negative impact) as well. Still, Pakistani Government has to pay back billions of dollars to China according to a certain dealership. Metro train expenditures are $1.60 billion so just suppose that how Pakistani Government will give it back to China. Of course, by an increment in the things or petroleum prices they will fill up the loan gap which is a serious unjust with the Pakistani nation.

Moreover, they have delivered or retrieved trillions of dollars from different countries of the world to entertain the Pakistani public with innovative projects and the latest facilities. This is why we say that time to think about it and take a serious stand as Imran Khan took and see have a chance to escape this nation from unwanted disasters.

Kala-Bagh Dam

The Pakistani nation really needs the clean and excessive amount of water to fulfill the basic needs of life. Further, to resist from the dangers of unconscious floods and to secure the huge amount of water on security purposes for the Pakistani Communities this dam should start. But Nawaz Sharif government didn’t take a stand to build this project and showing lame excuses to public unnecessary. Therefore, this is the foremost duty of next government pay a serious and strict attention to this project so that we could protect and secure from horrible tragedies and overflows of water.

Background of PTI

Who Will Be the Winner of Election 2018

PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) is the 2nd leading party in terms of knowing that who will win in the 2018 Election. Imran Khan (The well-determined Party over the million hearts) has stepped into the political world with great ideas, innovation, and spirit. Chiefly, he says that will be the real winner in 2018 Election so zero chance to think more Who Will Win in 2018 Election according to Imran Khan. Mainly, he has changed the police disciplines, management and administration department in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

In another way, has developed the number of departments related to education, health, and few others. Imran Khan is the finest leader who stood for Pakistan’s right including the basic formation of the youth’s thinking. He proved that with strong determination and consistency towards the destination there’s nothing impossible in this world. PTI is the youth legislature, a group of youth because generation change with youth takes a stand up for their necessities.

On the other hand, Imran Khan is the most taunt bearing political leader specifically for the PML-N. They claim that this party couldn’t bring fundamental reforms in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but attacks on other parties unnecessarily. Particularly, nation won’t get change by just focusing on a single issue, we have to think broadly and collectively to bring the vital modification, improvements in the communities and societies. In the meanwhile, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf did the number of promises with their nation in its own province but still public not satisfied with the backup recovery plans.

Fundamentally, expert claims that PTI needs strong strategic planning to beat the bushes that might come in their track. If PTI wants to beat all parties at the top PML-N then they have to follow the authentic rules and regulations to tackle out the challenges. Well, time will be the real judge who will prove that who will win in 2018 Election. All the parties are ready to take a serious stand among their opponents, so just the couple of weeks left behind to give notably output.

According to a certain survey or report few of the Allegations on Imran Khan

There’s a list of allegations on Imran Khan:

He has physical relationship unexpectedly as a gay with two of the male persons (for security purposes or giving exceptional honor to those we won’t mention their names).

Noticeably, Imran Khan kept hidden the most important thing in his personal life up to two months which was apparently related to Nikah.

In another case, Imran Khan had the physical interaction with one of the female.

Imran Khan is richly involved in taking

ing drugs and addicted to taking them with punctuality.

Imran Khan had affair with one of the female even that girl or female had to bear the child and one of the friends of Imran helped Imran khan’s girlfriend in falling the offspring.


PPP (Pakistan People Party)

Who Will Be the Winner of Election 2018

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s basic profile, education, and the beginning of PPP

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto born on 5 January 1928 and died on 4 April 1979. Informatively, he was chosen as the 9th Prime Minister of Pakistan with the same token he was selected as the 4th President of Pakistan (1971-1973). Furthermore, he was the forefather of the PPP (Pakistan People Party) and remained serving this Party until the time of execution in the middle of 1979.

Achievements by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

The Concept of CNIC Start

The Pakistani nation was facing lots of identity-related challenges since Pakistan came into being. So, the great leader Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto thought to fix this problem and issued the CNIC for an individual which was the foremost plan or strategic planning proved that you’re a citizen of Pakistan and now no need to take tension regarding your citizenship and nationality.

The Constitution of 1973

Remarkably, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was the actual leader who started the constitution of 1973 and got great fame at that time. Therefore, even these days we still remember the awesome achievements and seeds that he sows and we are under the pleasant and peaceful shade of those huge trees because of his tremendous piece of tactics.

Incredible Land Reformation

With the flawless reformation process, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto did a great job in terms of land reformation so that people comfortably deal regarding the lands. The 2nd achievement was curbing the inequality so that all the people staying in the same society could remove the concept of inequality. This was the immeasurable issue which was truly needed to move towards the fixation phenomenon.


It was the allegation on Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto that he might have killed or murdered to Ahmed Raza Kasuri as well as the brutal murderer of Kasuri’s father. That’s why General Zia-ul-Haq put him into the jail and the end he was hanged to death. Many of the parties or other countries leaders tried to escape his life but as American Leaders and lots of own party members were strictly against the life of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

Asif Ali Zardari’s Life, Education and First Entry in Politics

Asif Ali Zardari Born 26 July 1955 is a Pakistani Politician and the well-known chairperson of the PPP. He was selected as the 11th President of Pakistan completing his tenure starting from 2008 to 2013. He retrieved his primary certificate from Karachi Grammar School also completed his inter from the reputed college of the Karachi. Furthermore, completed his bachelor’s degree from Cadet College, Petaro in the year 1972.

His father name was Hakim Ali Zardari, father was the richest person of the Province Sindh. Asif Ali Zardari got married to Benazir Bhutto in the year 1987, thus in 1988, Benazir Bhutto elected the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

When Bhutto’s Government completely touched to the borderlines then Asif Ali Zardari supposed to be the corrupted person. Therefore, when Benazir Bhutto once again came under the Prime Minister Series even won the title of Prime Minister in 1993.

On his Wife’s Death Became the President of Pakistan

Unexpectedly, when Benazir Bhutto was murdered on 27 December 2007, he became the President of Pakistan. He promised with a nation that will do his level best to give his best attempt to the nation and will prove the great leader or ruler of Pakistan. But as time moved on, he started showing his real image therefore, we will highlight the pros and cons of his tenure so that people could come to know that what actually they have done in his tenure.  

Allegations (2008-2013)

Since its career beginning, Asif Ali Zardari was the most corrupted person. He always tried to defeat the next person and award his seat to lead the nation and industries with his orders. That’s why legally notified that he is the corrupted leader even have faced the jail’s period up to a couple of years because of his narrow thinking and greedy approach. His wife was also added in the corrupted person’s list but later on, she died.

He didn’t do anything even a bit for the development of Pakistan just increment in the Petroleum prices and unexpected taxes increment. He seemed that most challenging ruler to bear for the nation because he continued his brutally and oppression on the nation by increasing 20-22 hours consistent load shedding and unavailability of cleansing water.

He didn’t even pay attention to the improvements of hospitals, schools, colleges, and universities, in fact, keep throwing the fire of inflation to the nation. That’s why thousands of allegations were proved on this unforgettable leader. His father was not like that but don’t know why did he do like that with the Pakistani Nation. The Pakistani nation even doesn’t want to remember the dark period he has spent during the PPP Government.


Asif Ali Zardari having the thousands of cons still did something better for his Province which is not other than a Sindh. He managed many of the institutions, industries, welfare housing schemes especially in Karachi and gave them a new way to live a happy life. He has improved the public relations organizations and banks infrastructure during his reign so that people could come to deal perfectly and proficiently.

Basic Knowledge about PPP

Pakistan People Party is also the most important and unforgettable party in the middle of all other parties. Predictors (The persons who could expect the upcoming events, happenings, actions, activities) exclaimed that they’re not premium chances to get this party into the winning list. Although, in the Karachi and other related cities this party worked vastly and could rebuild many of the factories, industries, social and economic problems to entertain the citizen at a priority level.

In the beginning, this legislature (Party) reformed the incalculable faults, issues, complexities that people were facing. But as the time changed this party started showing the innermost hidden facts that’s why people got against with the passage of time. In actualization, when parties settled down their proper purpose or aim for what they had joined the government afterward begin reducing the facilitation process for the Country.

Thus, PPP will have to recover all those things which are impacting negatively on some highlighted things. With the same token, folks will come to know that who will be the Winner in 2018 Election. PPP could defeat their oppositions only when proper trickiest and calculated planned setup. Anyhow, we are just a few weeks away from the result who will show that who will be the Winner in 2018 Election.


TLP (Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan)

Who Will Be the Winner of Election 2018

TLP is the Islamic Political Party in our country with religious-based Philosophy. Primitively, party developed by the great Islamic leader Khadim Hussain Rizvi. TLP got famous throughout the world on 1 August 2015, in Nishtar Park, Karachi according to a certain estimation 72 persons gathered to form this party and supposed to be the foremost member of this party. Actually, this party took to stand up because of the most prominent allegation to the government that the law against Khatm-e-Nabuwat policy should reform. Muslim nation can accept everything but can’t admit that someone is trying to change the Concept of Khatm-e-Nabuwat.

Restoration of Khatm-e-Nabuwat Bill

Initially, with this contradiction among sages and government rulers, this party brought up in the Country and got tremendous fame. Accordingly, some PML-N Politicians were trying to remove the Khatm-e-Nabuwat Bill (God Forbid) which is strictly unacceptable by entire Muslim World. Therefore, TLP esteemed woke up after such negligence by the government and promised to recover this bill or law.

However, within a couple of efforts and consistency in getting the desired goal, this party got the person Zahid Hamid into the Jail because he was the real person who tried to dismiss this law. Not only this, Zahid Hamid has permanently eliminated from all the parties even will never ever be the part of any legislature.

The conclusion of the Topic,

Well, let see who wins the battle and will be the winner of 2018 Election. We have clearly mentioned all the pros and cons of all the parties so that you could become the honest judge and could finalize a decision could prove that who will be the real winner in 2018 Election. No doubt in this acceptation that you’re the real judge after analyzing the facts and figures of all above-mentioned parties. Expertise predicts that any party can be the winner of this upcoming election so guys, optimistically the best.

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