Why Kala Bagh Dam Not Developed

Kala Bagh Dam issue | Why Kala Bagh Dam Not Developed

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Kala-Bagh Dam is the most important need of Pakistan. Government is busy in the development of Pakistan but the main focus is just behind their intentions. Since Zulifqar Ali Bhutto’ death up to now, we couldn’t see any huge project regarding the Water’s security and storage plan for the nation of Pakistan. That’s why Kala-Bagh Dam should be the very next preference of the Pakistan Government so that we could protect our upcoming generations from unexpected water’s disasters and water’s unavailability.

On the contrary, basis, when Indian Government noticed that Pakistani Government is not paying their attention to building up the Kala-Bagh Dam then they constructed their own dam. When Pakistani public even rulers claim into the International Court they replied that precious water was getting waste just because of the deficiency of dams in Pakistani. However, to make it useful we planned to build up our own dam so that we could store the water and make it profitable for our Indian Public.

Dear friends, because of the negligence of the Pakistani government our neighbor’s country always entertained themselves. So, that’s why to build up the Kala-Bagh Dam time to wake up and stand for our right because little wait may become the huge disturbance for our upcoming generations.

History of Kala-Bagh Dam:

Kala-Bagh Dam is a water-based project that might starts on Punjab’s land. 1873 first visited by Britain government with the permission of Quaid-e-Azam in February 1948 in Mianwali constructed a hydro-power project. Indian Government stopped the water entrance in Pakistan’s boundary. Pakistan moved to World Bank to sort out the real problem regarding this issue. Then it is decided that Pakistan and India both countries will divide their water accordingly or equally.

Ayub Khan was the president of that time keeping the importance of water in his mind, issued his order to management that makes a graph, keeps all the strategic planning because soon we’re going to build up this dam. But sadly saying, as President Ayub Khan was much busy in others development project and little bit dams construction so this huge plan just remained all in vain or up to the documentation level.

The main reason behind not take a startup the Kala-Bagh Dam was the reign’s accomplishment of Ayub Khan. Sooner or later, when Bhutto’s government came so surprisingly, many of the Bhutto’s partners or political fellows claim that no need to expense millions of dollars on this useful project, we can use our money on useful projects for the development of the country. So keep your cash secure and safe because we really need cash. Interestingly, when General Zia-ul-Haq Government tenure came across the Kala-Bagh Dam project then practically all the orders and commandments could proceed at that time.

No doubt, General Zia-ul-Haq was a brave leader and patriotism clearly visible in this blood veins. He was the real unforgettable hero of Pakistan Nation. He did many of the projects in his period that couldn’t be uncertain up to now. Thus, in the period of General Zia-ul-Haq according to the dam’s expert keeping its meaningful suggestion or technical point of view on a practical basis, Kala-Bagh Dam construction started.

Therefore, roads were built up, machinery being ordered and offices constructed for the proper initialization of Kala-Bagh Dam. Considerably, that was the gigantic step by General Zia-ul-Haq that he took in that critical period. Although, still many of the politicians even that time was really unpleased with this decision because corruption and cheaters both are the most important icons in any government.

Most important measurements regarding the Kala-Bagh Dam at that time:


The height of the Kala-Bagh Dam would be nearly 925 fits.

Capacity to store water

6.1 million acre-foot water storage in a single dam Kala-Bagh Dam.

Time was taken during the construction

According to the experts or technical team generalization, maximum time taken will be 5 years to construct this Kala-Bagh Dam and minimum 3 years will surely be there to see a vast beautiful dam covered with water.

What will be the most amazing benefit of this Project?

It can irrigate to 50 lac acre land overall the Pakistan which is not fertile or barren up to peak level.

The cost of this Project

The certain cost that will facilitate to the entire nation with the Kala-Bagh Dam will be nearly 8 Million dollars. Guys, here we shall discuss the number of points or profits which we can get if we have a Kala-Bagh Dam:

Benefits of Kala-Bagh Dam and its significance for the nation of Pakistan

Real Storage Capacity of Kala-Bagh Dam

Firstly, three of the dams’ in Pakistan can collectively store 13 million acre fit inside them but Kala-Bagh Dam individually can store 6 million acres fit into his volume bucket which is a great piece of achievement. Secondly, the government can store water into it up to consistent 3 years without any kind of challenge.

Make 50 million Acre Barren Land into Green Fields

Farmers who always worried regarding the irrigation process or unavailability regarding the proper facilities for their lands and fields will entertain 50 lac acre irrigation on the lands facility with this project. Since it can irrigate to 50 million acres barren land throughout Pakistan with proper efficiency and perfection.

Yearly Benefit of 15 billion dollars, How?

Currently, we need yearly 3 lac rupees to secure 1-acre land for the production of water for the storage purpose but after constructing the Kala-Bagh Dam we can get 15 billion dollars agricultural production per year which will be really a great victory for the Pakistani nation. Our agricultural production will surely double after the construction of this Kala-Bagh Dam.

Having the Kala-Bagh Dam No need Internal Agriculture Imports in Pakistan

Afterward, we won’t need any kind of agriculture imports in Pakistan for the production of fruits, vegetables and other cotton and sugar-cane production. Fourthly, it might beneficial for the production of agrarian genera (Fruits, vegetables, seeds, fields, cotton, and sugarcane). Generally speaking, not only Punjab will avail the extra profits from this Kala-Bagh Dam but other provinces in which Punjab, Sindh, and KPK specifically mentioned will entertain.

Excessive Amount of Agriculture Possibility in all the linked cities of Pakistan

Fifthly, there are many of the cities in Pakistan who really need the maximum amount of water to produce vegetables, fruits, and wheat’s fields. So, within the Kala-Bagh Dam, their dreams might come true and will meet their requirements and necessities.

Benefit for the Province KPK

Sixthly, in the KPK (Southern Districts like Bannu, Lakki Marvat, Kanak, and Dera Ismail Khan) having the Kala-Bagh Dam land’s fertility as well as agricultural production may increase. These areas will be provided with the 20 lac acre fit water for the production of useful seeds. Not only that, 8 lac acre barren land could become able to cultivate. Hence, KPK government won’t need to beg exceptional wheat from other provinces.

Import/Export Possible with Afghanistan in terms of Agriculture Stuff

Above all, possibility to increase the agriculture export in Afghanistan will acceptable.

500 Mega-Watt Electricity Production with Kala-Bagh Dam

Amazingly, Kala-Bagh Dam can produce 5000-megawatt electricity for the Pakistani nation, so load shedding can easily recover with this phenomenal piece of the project.

Sindh will Also Facilitate with Kala-Bagh Dam

At the top, after the accomplishment of this Kala-Bagh Dam Province Sindh will also retrieve 40 lac acre fit water for the cultivation process of the lands. According to the secured survey, it proved that Sindh really needs too much amount of water for the proper agriculture need and cultivation phenomenon. Notably, deserts exist in the Sindh can turn into the useful purpose for the benefits of the Sindh nation. If these deserts shifted to agriculture aims for the lands then Sindh nation may recover lots of the productive recoveries.

Fruitful Profit for Province Baluchistan

Genuinely, Baluchistan can get 15 lac acre fit water from the Kala-Bagh Dam. It can use it for the Eastern-Baluchistan and 7 lac acre land of this Eastern-Baluchistan may facilitate for the water storage purpose. People of this province would able to irrigate their lands in order to get fertile land. Because there are the vital needs to build up or grow up the green fields in Baluchistan so that people could make it useful to get instant rain for the irrigation process of their lands. Particularly, green fields will give them a large number of vegetables, fruits, cotton, wheat, flour, and lots of related things.

Kala-Bagh Dam will help to Produce 4000-5000 Mega-watt Cheapest Rate Electricity

Pakistani nation is really worried because of the expensive electricity rates and has no idea what to do with the government policies so that each person living in this society could entertain with low-budget Electricity bills. So to overcome this critical issue Kala-Bagh Dam will truly help you out in this regard. This is the foremost duty of the government to construct or build up Kala-Bagh Dam so that as soon as possible people could entertain with the availability of this magnificent piece of the project.

We’re having a lot of mega-watt shortage if this plan or project would prove the tonic material to deliver a huge amount of electricity to the nation then what’re you waiting for? Need to wake-up this time and request to the government that pleases think about that before it’s too late and our next upcoming generation may remind you with cheap words. This is the basic need of entire Pakistani nation and if Kala-Bagh Dam could become the green signal for this problem then compromise is just your key.

Current Rate of Electricity Bill per unit in Pakistan

Currently, the public is facing 10-12 rupees per unit in its Electricity charge and if this figure goes up to 100, 200, 300, 500, and so on then electricity rate certainly touch to the 9th cloud. We can make it decrease if we protest against those rules and conditions which are becoming the 3rd wheel in constructing the Kala-Bagh Dam.

Expected Rate if Dam Constructs

According to an estimation, if Kala-Bagh Dam completes then folks will have to pay only 2.5-4 rupees per unit and them haven’t to pay extra tax as they are paying nowadays. Just so you know, Pakistani nation is getting Electricity produced by the Coal. That’s why rates are so high and all the communities and societies facing incalculable challenges to overcome this issue. No doubt, only the Kala-Bagh Dam is the solution of your problem so that you and your families could use the maximum amount of energy without taking the expensive rates into their minds.

Intense sadly have to say that, our government took the million dollars loan from different countries of the world that’s why paying 200 billion per year to fulfill the energy crisis in Pakistan. Fascinatingly, Pakistan is fulfilling the 60% needs of Electricity produced by coal that’s why people have to pay 15-20 rupees per unit.

Products Production and Manufacturing Products in the Industries as well factories with low-budget

In the first stage, Kala-Bagh Dam may reduce the excessive expenditures which currently seemed in the lots of factories and industries. Thus, if Kala-Bagh Dam built up then on an international level we can increase our import and export and can beat other developed countries in this regard. If government constructed the Kala-Bagh Dam and give inexpensive electricity to all the industries and factories then labor may work more efficiently and perfectly.

It has seemed that in many of the factories as well as industries workers claim that there are a random load shedding and duties circles getting disturbed because of the load shedding. Owner of the factory claim that Electricity bills are too high so that’s why those who’re looking for overtime or extra duty they may not avail of this opportunity. The conclusion of the discussion is that Kala-Bagh Dam may help you out in order to resist all such insecurities and distresses.

Employment Opportunities in Factories and Industries will increase

Kala-Bagh Dam will play an important role in providing the thousands of unemployment graph into employment sheet. That’s why the government should build up the Kala-Bagh Dam so that individual people could avail benefit from this flawless project. To put it differently, those who belong to different Provinces, cities, areas, and colonies or have permanently shifted in the Punjab Province will entertain themselves with easily job’s opportunities having the attractive packages.

The case against Indian Dams that Indian Government illegally snatched from Pakistani Boundaries

Pakistani government really needs to stand for their rights and Kala-Bagh Dam can recover all the lost perfections or real development which couldn’t move on just because of the Kala-Bagh Dam misconstruction policies. If we got this Kala-Bagh Dam then we can back our targets and achievements which couldn’t avail because of previous rulers’ negligence.

60 thousand job’s opportunities with Kala-Bagh Dam

Significantly, Kala-Bagh Dam may provide 60 thousand job’s opportunities for those who really need a job in order to fulfill their basic requirements. Unemployment ratio in Pakistan is wonderfully at the top so straightforwardly a green signal for the Pakistani youth. This is the actual reason that Kala-Bagh Dam construction has become the fundamental need of Pakistan.

Environmental Positive Changes and Lots of Rainfall Rounds in a Single Season

A healthy environment is really important in all the lives, so that’s why doctors and physicians suggest you make it your habit to go for morning walk and see greenery. Kala-Bagh Dam can recover the pollution issues and may handle out the dangerous viruses, bacteria, and environmental effective things into green land. According to experts and highly expert beings, people will feel vital change if they have Kala-Bagh Dam in Pakistan.

Billion dollars loan would payback with the Kala-Bagh Dam Construction

Undoubtedly, Pakistani Government (2013-2017) have taken billion dollars loans from different countries of the World. But the good news is that if Kala-Bagh Dam constructed then farmers would able to produce billion dollars agricultural ingredients which will not be helpful for the economic purposes but will also become the key to recover billion dollars loans which last government has taken.

Disasters and Floods Recovery Plans

When India leave its water to the Pakistani boundary than in most of the cases we have to face floods or water’s disasters in which especially farmers and their fields destroyed. So to keep such tragedies in the mind, Kala-Bagh Dam plays its magic and we could store a million liters extra water into this dam and keep others life secure and safe from unwanted disasters and flood-related complications.

Allegations and Disadvantages of Kala-Bagh Dam in the Period 1870-1980:

Primitively, with the existing design of Kala-Bagh Dam KPK Government claimed that Noshehra City will be drowned under water if they will keep the dam’s height up to 925 fits. Thus, to remove this risk or danger dam’s constructor decided to reduce the dam’s height which was actually 925 fit and now it will be approximately 915 fits that fit reduction in the height.

Sindh government objected on this project because if the project starts even completed then the water present in Sindh will distribute into Province Punjab. So, when this matter reached the upper level near General Zia-ul-Haq he issued an order that in all the four provinces water will equally distribute.

According to this commitment:

Punjab will retrieve 37% water, Sindh 33%, KPK 14%, and Baluchistan 12% agreed to take these percentages of water.

Interesting Information about small dams Construction

Majority people have zero ideas that maximum small dams were constructed in the period of General Zia-ul-Haq. Later on, the Pakistani nation could utilize the profit from all those small dams even up to now we are facilitating from those damns.

General Zia-ul-Haq unconsciously expired in a Plane crash

Chiefly, after the death of General Zia-ul-Haq, this project once again faced lots of complications or even being stopped because of the next government controversial thinking. Next government claim that it could harm to our economic level or just a waste of millions of dollars or many of the related cities might face water deficiency challenges if we will construct this dam.

So that was the huge reason why this dam was still incomplete. When nation’s rulers or lovers start thinking their own business enhancement or change one lac into a couple of lac then such conflictions rise up. Thus, that was the huge reason or allegation that Kala-Bagh Dam was still incomplete or couldn’t cross the startup line.

Development in the Period of General Pervaiz Musharraf regarding the dam’s construction in Pakistan

Primarily, General Pervaiz Musharraf issued strict order to construct the number of dams in Pakistan.

Here we shall give you the complete list that he mentioned at that time:

Neelum Jehlum

Kala-Bagh Dam

Manda, Akhoori

Karam ghee

Barsha dams

Mainly, General Pervaiz Musharraf issued an order to construct these dams in 2005 but in 2007 because of the lawyers’ movement General Pervaiz Musharraf had to dismiss from his seat.

Major Allegations and Dangers after the Construction of this dam are:

Punjab will get this Royalty but no other Province

All the turbines and other construction process setups will be in Punjab so definitely loyalty will also be delivered or issued to Punjab that’s why we don’t want to see this Kala-Bagh Dam touch its constructed levels. That’s why in the response, Province Punjab quit federal royalty in its earliest convenient.

District Noshehra may drown and some areas of this may get barren

Kala-Bagh Dam might harm the couple of areas of the district Noshehra which is in KPK. There are the probabilities that District Noshehra may drown due to the overflow water present in the Kala-Bagh Dam.

Some of the societies, communities living in surrounding the Mianwali areas have to shift from their houses to new places

People who’re living surrounding the Mianwali where this Kala-Bagh Dam will create have to shift out from one place to another. According to expert, few people have to sacrifice in order to get the incredible piece of advantages which people will get from this Kala-Bagh Dam.

Here we shall describe the three Provinces which are apparently against the construction of Kala-Bagh Dam:

Sindh Government is Against the Kala-Bagh Dam

Syed Khurshid Ahmed Shah claims that If Kala-Bagh Dam constructed it will be the clear threat for the small provinces. In the same way, royalty will be provided to Punjab Province that’s why it should not be constructed.

Baluchistan Government

Kala-Bagh Dam may add the proficiency in all the provinces but surprisingly Baluchistan major leaders or government somehow is not ready. They claim that if Sindh areas will be affected so we are standing beside the Sindh and not gonna permit to the government to build up this project.

KPK Government

There’s a most famous leader Pervez Khattak in KPK objected that Kala-Bagh Dam project doesn’t suit to the Pakistani’ nation as it is against the interests of KPK.

Awami National Party

This party is also against the construction of Kala-Bagh Dam. They didn’t share the actual reason but actually, they are the rivals or opponents of this project.

Reputed NGO

One of the NGO’s is also showing its displeasure if Kala-Bagh Dam constructs. They claimed that there will be environmental and displacement impacts building the large dam in Pakistan.

KPK Government Imran Khan huge supporter of Kala-Bagh Dam

Imran Khan who’s currently the CEO of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf also the PM of KPK government showed its views and remarks regarding the construction of Kala-Bagh Dam. He says that if Kala-Bagh Dam constructed then lots of the issues will automatically resolve and we could develop a healthy and progressed Country.

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