life in desert

The survival Life In Desert on Earth


God Almighty has blessed humankind with lots of bounties. The structure of landscapes is also one of the celestial gifts of Almighty.

Dessert is a barren land (which is extremely hot at daytime and extremely cold at night) where the survival of human beings is very difficult but on the other hand, desserts are biologically rich areas for some animals and plants which can only survive in this particular environment.

Animal Life:

Animals in the desert areas can keep themselves cool and use less water. Most reptiles live in such kind of areas.  Some mammals are also the part of desert areas like camels. These animals mostly rest in the daytime and come out from their dens only for hunting when the brutal sun is descended.

Birds in these areas are mostly nomadic; they crisscross the skies in search of food and rest in the places where they find peace. These animals are born to live in dry and hot areas.

Plants Life:

Some plants like cactus and Dessert Sage and Barrel cactus etc are the main plants of desert areas. These plants suck water from the soil and restore it for many days for their photosynthesis process. Barrel cactus is the most common plant of the desert.

Human Life:

Human today inhabits almost every patch of land available to him. He cannot choose the climate; he can only adapt himself, up to a certain degree. Of all human beings, only a few hardy peoples have been able to survive in the desert areas.  Their even physical attributes have enabled them to live well there.

These nomads are such kind of hardy people who can live even at the high degrees of the brutal sun. They set their lives according to the climate and always be ready to face the challenging situations over there.


Some of the world’s regions are turning into desert at an alarming rate. This process is known as “desertification”. And it is not caused by drought, but it usually arises from the demands of human beings that settle on the semi-arid lands to grow crops and graze their animals.

The pounding of the soil by the hooves of livestock may degrade the soil and cause erosion by wind and water.

Global warming is also a big threat to the ecology of the desert. Higher temperatures produce an increasing number of wildfires that alter desert landscapes by eliminating slow-growing trees and shrubs and replacing them with fast-growing grasses.

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