PTI Leader Imran Khan is going make explosive revelation

PTI Leader Imran Khan is going make “explosive revelation”

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Imran Khan: Yesterday, while addressing to the greater crowd of political workers on Mall road, Pakistan Tehreek -e- Insaaf (PTI) leader Imran Khan cursed the parliament and law-making and regulatory authorities.

Today, he made recent statement through social platform, he tweeted as;

“When a parliament which must protect nation’s interest, passes out a person-specific laws; allowing a disqualifies person guilty of 3 billion rupees money laundering, tax evasion, concealment of assets, forgery and perjury to become head of the political party, then such a law is a laanat (curse) on parliament.”

In addition, he said,

“In fact in this specific context, ‘laanat’ (curse) is a mild word to use. If anyone disagrees, I challenge them to do a public poll on what people think of such a parliament. I can guarantee most will condemn it.”

In yesterday’s terrific address on Mall road protest against ruling party Muslim League (N), he has also declared that tomorrow, he is going to have a media conference.  Whereas his today’s tweet has shown that, he is going to make some sort of revolutionary statement in his press conference.

Khan said;

“Fasten your seatbelts as I will be making ‘explosive revelations’ in my press conference this afternoon.”

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