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Do boys cry? Do they feel heart-broken? Are they strong enough to hide their pain?

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The fact that women are physically weak while men are strong. Eventually, men have less power to endure mental pain than women. On the contrary, “weak creature”; women have the less physical ability but can bear the intense pain for mental ability. So in this article we will discuss about man crying.

According to a research, men are predisposed to cry for a biological reason but the causes maybe same for the tears of both genders, while we see a man crying less as compared to women.

So, can we claim that these less amount of tears aren’t a sign of their pain, or maybe they don’t feel any pain whatsoever you do with them? They also have a heart like women have.

Boys cheat, boys ditch you for no reason, boys play with your feelings, but what the reason for this failure.

Have you ever thought, why a boy has cheated on a girl? I’m not a boy, nor am I supporting them but why is that so…

According to a branch of psychology that is criminal psychology, says that there is always a reason when someone commits a crime. No offense, but nobody is a born criminal. Who made him a criminal; his parents, his society, his friends or his unfavorable environment.

Why did he felt the need of stealing, murdering or abusing someone’s life? Then what made him a professional criminal? Who’s responsible for their toxic behavior? Why are they a disgrace to our society?

Psychology says, when a child is born, he’s born with an instinct behavior of love and positivity. Whoever loves the child, he loves him back.

Maybe there would be some reasons why he cheated on so many girls. What made him this ironical and inflicted man?

But remember that they only have a heart that is broken, but oh yes! they don’t cry. They don’t have tears or if they cry that is their punishment but girls are the sign of innocence. They do cry but their feelings matter.

So listen, boys do have feelings and they also cry. They are ditched or used by those “innocent” girls and they become this toxic. Undoubtedly, they become a disgrace to our society. Resultantly, girls have a symbol of oppression so the boys are more influenced in this case.

Yes! boys are losers. They played with your feelings. But who made them losers? Have you ever thought of the pain they have been hiding? If they don’t have the feminists NGOs at their side to support them, if they don’t cry openly like some girls, so does that mean they don’t cry at all!

Several boys who left the world, some quitted from life. Just because of their families who don’t understand them. Everybody has the right to love and to be loved in return. But unfortunately, this society is called ‘male dominant’ society where not even this gender’s rights and issues are resolved. How can you even solve transgenders’ cases while man crying and women are still begging for equality?

Learn that human beings have a heart and according to psychology they feel through emotions gifted by nature. If you wrong them, they’ll obviously cry and wait for the karma! The one who is heart-broken once loved someone truly.

Learn it! Men do cry! Yes, they do! When they see their mothers living a miserable life, at the end of lifespan they do cry! When they see their sisters begging for a happy life, yes you can see tears in their eyes! When men see their women/wives in pain, they weep. When they see their beloved daughters living a dependent life, in which they’re unhappy they do cry! Every heart-broken creatures cry 🙂



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