Abundance VS Scarcity Mentality

Abundance VS Scarcity Mentality

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                                             Are you a loser???  What haunts you more; bitter memories from past or the upcoming future…?

Abundance VS Scarcity Mentality
is very important for every person. Mindset and character represent our personality, reflects the inner side of us.

If you don’t have a positive attitude towards life, if you underestimate your powers, if you fail to recognize yourself every time, if you claim YOURSELF to be a “LOSER” while you’re still breathing then how do you deserve to be titled as an abundant individual.

What makes you different and unique, are your pretty thoughts which truly exist in an abundant mind; that which knows and accepts the bitter realities of life yet keep struggling for a better future by gaining lessons from past.


Life is a continuous learning process, tragedies happen to everyone and there we learn to survive. At times we do feel hopeless, restless even lifeless where we just seem like waiting for death…but…that isn’t “THE END.”

Well, only death is the real end, beating heart but having no life is a disease, a severe phobia indeed, where fears are your best friends, depression is the only partner where your dead soul resides.


A heart full of fears and a mind messed of doubts can never dream!!! People with scarce mentality are the real losers, those who give up, those who quit, those who want to get rid of their past instead of learning lessons from their experiences. Those bitter memories lead us to maturity thus we acknowledge the harshness of this cruel world.

What is worst than having a scarce mentality?

The future is much better than you think…Let not worry about these so-called Global standards merely for a good reputation without worrying about your interests. Learn to follow your dreams, not the “mindsets” which are purely intended by losers, never try to be someone else.

Those whose dreams are unaccomplished will always try to discourage yours…Don’t let the scarce darkness enter your illuminated abundant mind. Those who give up, those who do not try are the real losers. That’s where Abundance VS Scarcity Mentality plays a role.

The difference which is to be determined between Abundance VS Scarcity Mentality is that of fears and risks, opportunities and determination, illusions and reality etc. The fear of losing and the greed of gaining more, even more than one deserves is, however, a disgrace is exactly a scarce mentality for that you need to get a life instead of wasting medicines.

Our capabilities have begun to catch up our ambitions. Once we plant a positive thought in our mind there we find a way out of poor scarce mentality where the world seems too limited for your dreams too dearth for your future.

Opportunities are created by you, they just don’t happen!!! You’re the brave, you dared to dream…follow your path, success is waiting for you. Don’t fall in the poor hands of scarce mindsets rather than be a bold, generous role model.

Try try again, you will succeed one day. You weren’t born to weep over things that are actually not done by you. Your entire success depends on your full motivation. The effort you put in will tell you how much have you conquered!!!

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