Shine With Your Own Light

Shine With Your Own Light

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                                                                       SHINE WITH YOUR OWN LIGHT

Do you ever felt envious for the winners?

Why do we feel envious?

Is the success distributed equally?

These are all the questions that arise in your mind. Whenever you see someone winning a battle. You may question yourself, do they have any superpowers because I also read the same book? You might wonder their existence or maybe heartened by their success stories.

They have been with you, you both put in your effort according to your capabilities. But nature has gifted us the potential to work for our aims and ambitions.

What if we focus on our destination only without considering others. Why don’t you feel happy when somebody wins a race, come on dude, he was faster than you. You only get the number of grapes you’ve strived for. Even if you’ve lost once, doesn’t mean you can’t win again.

Try, try again! You will succeed one day hopefully. Once you choose to live, challenges come your way.  Even if you’ve lost your destination, don’t be ungrateful. Don’t complain that “grapes are sour”. Your intensity of struggle defines your capacity to win.

Shining stars don’t look for light from the moon, they have their own light. No matter how much its intensity, it shines with all of its light.

God has distributed His mercy among His servants accordingly. So, when you feel jealous of someone that is actually not that you’re developing negativity for that person but you’re also disobeying God and by being ungrateful at His distribution.

The unnecessary hatred for successors would never allow you to win though. It only makes you negative. Negativity never leads to success. If you think, you can move to the top level by ditching or cheating on the other practitioner. You really need to get a life then. If you’re teasing someone, by using abusement of powers. It won’t let you grow man!

Let the stars glow their own light, let them shine brightly. Let the day rise again, wait for the right time. Keep trying, success will be yours, shine with your own light. Listen to the motivational stories of stars who’ve struggled throughout their life. Listen to them for inspiration and admiration, not for being jealous.



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