Google detached 60 Apps

Google detached 60 Apps from Play Store after vulgar ads

Google removed 60 apps from the Play Store: Google detached 60 Apps: Last weekend Play store authorities found malware hidden inside 60 applications displaying vulgar ads pop up in most of kids app. The issue was first discovered by Google security checkpoint, cyber threat intelligence in multiple gaming applications heading towards young children. These roughly 60 […]

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Changes in Facebook News feed

Changes in Facebook News feed: which cost around 3 billion Dollars

Changes in Facebook News feed bad news for business advertiser: Changes in Facebook News feed: Mark Zuckerberg has decided to make new changes in Facebook news feeds. According to this pronouncement, from now onwards Facebook is no more projecting business, media and brands posts on user’s news feeds. But will ensure to display user’s friends and family […]

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Whats app has a huge flaw,

Whats app has a huge flaw, Rohar University revealed

Whats app has a huge flaw: Rohar University in Germany found an exceptional error in Whatsapp Whats app has a huge flaw: Rohar University, Germany has discovered a huge flaw in the most popular messaging mobile applicatioWhats- app. This discovery would not be beneficial for an ordinary man. However, this discovery has put a question […]

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