Pacrchi Movies Review

Parchi Movies Review : Parchi is doing well at Box Office

Parchi Movies Review | Lollywood movie Parchi is doing well at Box Office: Parchi Movies Review: “Parchi” is Pakistan’s comedy action movie with a little spice of thrill released on 12th January 2018. It is the third production under the vision of Imran Raza Kazmi after “Janan” in 2016 and horror film “Siyaah”. Starring: HareemFarooq, Ali […]

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Lolly wood Actress

Lolly wood Actress Laila will take action against Meera!

Lolly wood Actress Laila:  Lolly wood actress Laila, after a very long time caught by the camera. While she is making accuses on Meera. Well, nobody is unaware of Meera but what is Laila saying about her is really shocking. Yesterday, on Sunday attending a ceremony actress laila set up a big blunder. Lollywood’s actress […]

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